We are taught sometimes to reject our self. When we act bitchy, as women can, we are told that is not okay. You have to learn to understand yourself to know why this inner something is coming out, this inner bitch, this inner bully, whatever that inner thing inside of you is, was something that you created to protect yourself. If you got angry at yourself for that inner thing, that protects you, then it’s going to be this war inside your head. We created everything that we use as a protective mechanism to protect our self. If we have our inner bully, inner bitch, inner child, an inner victim – these are things that we use to protect ourselves and we all have those. When we learn to love that little defensiveness, we tell our self, it’s okay. We have been taught to reject our self, and that part of our self we have created is to protect our self. What we are going to do is, you no longer need it, and say I love you and I am here for you and I got your back. Call on your inner Christ, Jesus left the comforter and he’s in you if you don’t believe in that, knowing a higher power out, trust in that instead of rejecting yourself for something you created to protect yourself. Because when we use love instead of rejection to dispute anything, love destroys anything that is not of you. When you get that little protective guard up, that want you to react and even if you do react, have it yourself, be light-hearted. Say hey little girl or little guy, I got your back, We all have that thing inside of us that comes out to protect us. If we only get a hammer, everything looks like a nail or bodies created reactive ways to respond to our world according to the ways we are raised. What we are going to do is we are going to reprogram our brain not to respond that way and you do not want it to do by rejecting yourself. You want to do it by owning yourself and laughing at that little child. When your children act in a way that you do not like, you kindly guide them to the way that you want them or you desire for them to be, but you do not reject them. Rejecting any part of yourself is never a good thing. It only leads to a war inside of your head. Learning to love yourself, love that inner self, she comes out to protect you, whatever that is. You are going to say, wait a minute, you are coming out right now and you can just be real. Hey, right now I am in real vulnerable state, do not push me too hard, this bitch is going to come out. Learning to love yourself, just learning to love every part of yourself, the good, the bad, the ugly, because when we can love our self, we can grow. But anything that we reject, comes back with a freaking vengeance. Be careful of this, for what you thought to hate, because it sucks. Hate is never good. You do not want to hate anything, you do not want to reject anything, you want to choose – have preferences and it is going to make your life so much easier. If this resents with you and if not, that’s okay. Just know that love every part of yourself. Love the bitch, love the inner child, love the bully, love all those little things you created in yourself to survive to this moment and you can lay the bully to rest, the inner bitch down and can choose to take the higher out. It feels better not to react to the world, and not to reject things and just to be and have preferences, instead of rejecting things in people, because nobody wants to be rejected. Rejection can cause a lot of pain in people and not just odd about that. It has been an amazing and forming new process. Just allow yourself to be present and witness yourself, witness all of those things that come out in you and see what serves you and what does not anymore and what does not just lay it to rest. It’s okay. It serves you to this point. Have a funeral part that you have to, but love you, God only made one of You and live to the fullest. Without letting yourself get pulled into energies of resistance and struggle and whole lot stuff, not just worth it, it’s not worth it. Be beautiful, be amazing, be powerful and be YOU.