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So, you can see the practitioners behind. You can see the ultrasound, the sonogram technician. There’s the woman’s tummy. It’s exposed. She obviously is awake. Ok and here is the split screen monitor. On the left side is the snapshot that I was talking about and the blackness is the emptiness of the bladder. The lump is the tumor and the curve is the floor of the bladder. On the right-hand side, now you’re going to see the real-time image of the tumor. Ok, and what I’m inviting you to do now… What you want to do is watch and compare what’s happening on the right side is real time with the before image on the left.

When we see something like this happen, we call it a miracle. It’s only a miracle until we understand what has just happened. Then it becomes a technology. Inner technology. They are feeling the feeling as if she is already healed. They are claiming and creating an energetic pattern of an already healed – fully healed, fully enabled, fully capacitated woman, rather than buying into the illusion of the tumor that she has temporarily at that moment.