Person 1: I was born with a genetic condition called Cystic Fibrosis. My parents were told that I wasn’t going to live past 12 years old.

Person 2: I went in for about 3 interviews and I was so confident this was the one. And I didn’t get it. That was really hard.

Person 3: For the longest time I also wanted to be a Dad and I’m gay so it’s not like it could be 16 & Pregnant in the backseat of a Chevy or something.

Person 4: Over 400 people came. I was 1 of 10 girls that got called back. He picked everybody in front of who he wanted and he didn’t pick me and I was like, wow. I’ve worked my butt off for this.

Person 5 and 6: So here we were newly married and I didn’t have a job , but it was a time when there wasn’t very much support in regards to women’s rights.

Person 7: I was playing mud football with a bunch of my friends. My kneecap got severely dislocated and I ended up having to have surgery and it was really a terrifying time for me.

Person 8: She read the script, I got it back. Every single page had notes on it. This is the rejection part – You should take writing classes. You’re not funny.

Person 9: I remember the x-ray technician saying to me, You need to be checked into the hospital immediately.

Person 10: Everything is supposed to be golden. It was a business school and I went to an Ivy League business school and I just was like devastated by not having anything happening and seeing all friends, things happen for them.

I know, it’s hard to understand right now, but every delay has a blessing. By the time we’re 30, we’re expected to have everything figured out. But when we’re still failing, getting rejected and push backs, we realize life doesn’t work like that. Often, what appears as a curse can be our biggest blessing. Every breakdown can be a breakthrough. Every failure can be a step forward.

This man played Severus Snape in Harry Potter. He studied Graphic Design before Drama, going back to school to follow his passion at the age of 26. That was in 1972. He got his first BBC role in 1978. His first film role? Not until 1988 when he was 42 years old. His name is Alan Rickman.
This person, prior to publishing the first entry in the series, this person was a single mother on welfare and almost suicidal. During this time, she wrote Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

while looking into becoming a teacher. She was also dealing with an ex-husband and all the challenges of being a single mother. She, of course, is J.K Rowling.

Remember this, someone graduated at 21, but waited for 6 years to get a job. Someone has no education, but was a millionaire at 21. Someone got married at 20 and divorced 5 years later. Someone got married at 35, but found everlasting love.

It’s not being quick, instant or now. It’s about your timing. Something maybe delayed, it may even be denied, but it doesn’t die unless you let it. Every delay has a blessing. If you keep going.

Person 8: And then I think less than one year later I got an Emmy nomination for co-writing an episode of Seinfeld. That opened up my career.

Person 10: I then went on to run a production company for almost 20 years or so. We won an Emmy award

Person 5 & 6: I became the Cultural Coordinator and then the Production Manager if the Public Television Network of the state and then I was hired by a 4 Agency as a Vice President and then I opened my own agency.

Person 1 :There’s no statistic and there’s no number for someone’s desire to fight or someone’s fight inside of them.

Person 4: But maybe, I wasn’t the right person for that particular job but he remembered me for another job.

Person 7:  A year later, I found myself at the starting line of a Sprint-Triathlon. And all told, I ended up doing over 50 races including 4 IronMan distance races.

Person 3 : And then, with my son and having a kid, I mean, I just didn’t think that was just not going to happen and it did

Person 1 : Empathy and gratitude is what makes me want to help other people because I know what they’re going through. You remember your dono and you honor them by helping others.

Person 9 : I believe that your mind definitely affects you, if you’re not in that mindset to stay positive. Especially when you’re challenged with an illness.

Person 2: Everything that you’re going through right now, no matter how painful and how hard it is to get through, you’ll get through it and you’ll be stronger because of it.